The most useless gadget: A fondue set

fondue setA recent consumer research project suggests we spend £900m a year on household gadgets that we rarely use. Top of the charts is the fondue set (pictured) which apparently costs an average of £41.65 but is used just once, or never, by 56% of people who own one.

Other kitchen gadgets listed in the PriceRunner research report include:

  • soda drinks maker (the Sodastream ones do look good though)
  • melon baller
  • ice cream maker

On the flip side, an espresso maker sees a lot of action in many kitchen and offers value for money as does a garlic press. Despite costing around £400 the Apple iPad is also good value for me money because the device is used so often.

We’ve got a chocolate fondue set in the back of a kitchen cupboard that we’ve never even opened! It was gift that was well received but our good intentions have proved to be just that.

How about you? What kitchen gadgets and utensils do you have that are just lurking at the back of a drawer or cupboard?

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