‘take it’ utensils by Italians PavonIdea

takeit utensilsI caught sight of these unusual kitchen utensils that have been designed for an Italian kitchenware company.

The ‘take-it’ range, which isn’t available in the UK, is a range of interlocking kitchen utensils designed by Enrico Azzimonti for Italy-based Pavonidea. Made from polyamide, these angled utensils can interlock (as shown in the diagram) with the idea being that it makes it easier to pick ingredients up. As you can see here, the table spoon and palette knife are being used as tongs to pick up the meatball.┬áThe range also includes an almost flat, slotted spoon and a turner.

Presumably, the material is semi-flexible and will bend to let you use the utensils as tongs. Polyamide, is a nylon material and is both durable and strong and can be used in temperatures up to 180c. Also suitable for use in non-stick pans.

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