Plate inset chopping board

transfer chopping boardI’ve been browsing through some product design blogs over lunch and spotted a chopping board that I’ve not seen before.

The Transfer chopping board (pictured) has been designed by German designers Chris&Ruby who feel that they’ve come up with a practical way of transferring chopped ingredients from the board to a plate. Their chopping board which is made from solid beech and pre-oiled with linseed oil has a carved inset that you slide a plate into. Their idea is that you just slide your chopped ingredients from the board straight onto the plate.

It seems well made and solid beech is a good choice of wood for a chopping board but I think that many home-based cooks will find it a bit limiting. You can only use plates of a certain diameter and height in order that they slide into the carved inset. Most times you’ll lift your chopping board up to your saucepan or frying pan to slide in the chopped veg, fruit, etc.

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