Pantone Tarts

pantone tartThese sweet tarts are fantastic!

French food designer Emilie de Griottes created a selection of dessert tarts based around the Pantone colour chart for a special feature in the French foodie magazine fricote.

The edible swatch-style tarts are made from various berries, bananas, carrots, lemons and sweets on a sweet pastry base that is iced in white and has the pantone colour code detailed. This page has pictures of all the tarts – hope your French is better than mine!

I like the shades of blue on the tart that I’ve pictured here and my other favourite is the one with the raspberries (Pantone 1797 C). I wonder if the tarts were eaten once all the photos had been taken?

Take a look at this wikipedia page for a more detailed background to what Pantone is all about.


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