No More Tinned Tomatoes

carton tomatoes

Did you know that Sainsbury’s has stopped stocking tinned tomatoes as part of it’s green policy? From now on the supermarket is to sell tomatoes in recyclable cartons (pictured) rather than tins. Sainsbury’s sells about 22 million tins of tomatoes in a year, making the product the biggest-selling, non-fresh item.

Using the new cartons will enable more efficient lorry packing and should reduce packaging waste by 500 tons a year.

Scrudle Kitchen Utensil Scoops Award

scrudleHere’s something that makes most people think …why didn’t I think of that?

The Scrudle is an award winning kitchen utensil that should prove to be a hit in every kitchen. The scrudle is kind of a mix between a ladel and a spatula and it helps you scoop up soups, casseroles etc out of a pan. It’s the brilliant idea of 65 year old Margaret O’Callaghan and it was voted the top utensil in a recent competition organised by Lakeland.

The Strudle simply allows you to scoop up the contents of a heavy pan such as a casserole dish because it has a flat’ish side.

Of course, all the best ideas in life are the simple ones !