Oh Fork! Snake found in cutlery drawer

snake in cutlery drawerAn Aberdeen woman got more than she bargained for when she went to get a teaspoon to make a cuppa.

As she opened her cutlery drawer not only did she see her cutlery but a snake! Not knowing quite what to do the terrified resident of Coningham Terrace contacted the police. They in turn called the local branch of the Scottish SPCA (an animal welfare charity) and they despatched an animal rescue officer.

Now named Spooner (pictured), the red, black and brown striped milk snake (apparently they’re harmless to humans) is being cared for at the Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Drumoak.

Animal Rescue Officer Lynne Craib said:¬†“The poor woman got a real fright when she reached into the drawer to grab a teaspoon and found Spooner the snake instead.¬†Snakes need heat to survive and it was quite warm in the lady’s kitchen so that may be why Spooner went inside the drawer.”

“We’ve rescued snakes from all sorts of unusual places over the last few months, including behind a washing machine and around a lamp post”. She adds: “Snakes are really good escape artists so there’s every chance Spooner has an owner nearby who is missing him.”

We can guarantee that there aren’t any snakes in our cutlery drawer!

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