Neapolitan Pizza Must Be Like Mamma’s

pizzaThe world famous Neapolitan pizza has been awarded a coveted Traditional Speciality Guarantee (TSG) label.

This means that pizza restaurants around the world will have to conform to a strict list of ingredients if they want to call their pizza a Neapolitan.

The pizza shown isn’t a Neapolitan – it’s more like a Caprese which is made with fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Legitimate Neapolitans (which originate in Naples) must have a raised crust and a base that is no more than an eighth of an inch thick. The dough base must be hand-stretched and cooked in a wood fired oven on a stone slab.

Many foods have been awarded a TSG label – mozzarella cheese is another good example. Bramley apple pie filling is a pending application. The label indicates that a food product conforms to traditional ingredients and cooking methods but does not have to be made in a specific part of the world. For foods that need to come from a specific location entirely are labelled Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) – Columbian coffee is an example.

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