Growing Your Own? One in six of us are

courgettesAccording to a recent study one in six adults has started growing their own food within the past four years, with the majority saying that they do so to save money.

According to a poll for the City of London, 31% of British adults now grow their own food, while 64% of those interested in growing their own say they would do it to save money.

The City of London is launching a £2million grants programme to promote the use of green spaces and encourage people to grow their own food through volunteering and community involvement.

In our home town local volunteers encourage planting of veg in local green spaces, window boxes and raised beds. The Incredible Edible Hoylake scheme encourages locals to help themselves to fresh produce that can be picked from veg boxes in places such as the local train station.

I’m carefully nurturing some tomato and courgette seeds at the moment …the little fellas will be ready to plant out soon. In our back garden there’s a little rosemary plant that we’ve started pick to add a little something to roast spuds. Add a couple of sprigs of rosemary along with a few garlic cloves to your roasting tin of Maris Pipers and you’re good to go!

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