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Colander: Large bowl with handles that has holed surface to allow for drainage. Used to drain rice, noodles, pasta and vegetables. Made from stainless steel or plastic. Fold-up colanders are available for easy storage. An essential utensil for every kitchen.

Ladle: Used to serve soups, stews and sauces. Also used to transfer batters and cake mixes. Shaft is 90 degrees to the typically deep bowl.

Palette Knife: Long, thin rectangular blade (not sharp) with handle. Used for spreading mixtures and fillings and also useful for lifting and serving.

Peeler: Self explanatory; used to peel skin of vegetables and fruits. You can also use a peeler to slice thin ribbons of Parmesan cheese. Typically available in either a Y-shape making it easier to handle or as a swivel peeler.

Pizza Wheel: Steel, bladed wheel attached to a handle that is used to cut pizza into slices. Roll the wheel and cut the pizza. The bladed edge of the wheel is not usually that sharp, certainly not as sharp as a knife.

Spatula: Typically used to turn food over and often used to scrape or spread cake mixture and icing. Can be used to “fold” ingredients in a mixing bowl when you want to keep a mixture light and airy. Has a flat, wide, rectangular blade normally made from semi-flexible plastic or silicone. Ensure you use a heat-resistant spatula with hot pans and ovens.

Slotted Spoon: As per the Spoon only the bowl is slotted to allow liquid/sauce to drain back into the pan.

Spoon: Used for serving dishes in sauces, rice, pasta, portions of meat, puddings.

Spurtle: A rod-shaped utensil traditionally used to stir Scots porridge and soup.

Turner: Used to turn portions of fish and meat, omelettes, pancakes and dishes cooking in roasting tins and trays. Usually has a slotted, rectangular blade on a stem with handle.

Wooden Scraper Spoon: Same as the wooden spoon but the bowl of the spoon has an angled edge that is used to scrape mixtures.

Wooden Spoon: Self explanatory; long-stemmed shallow spoon made from wood. Available in different lengths and suitable for use on non-stick surfaces.


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