Gasper: Silicone saucepan mat

gasper pot cushion

I spotted this unusual kitchenware product a while back, bookmarked it and then completely forgot about it until today!

It’s called Gasper and it’s a silicone mat worktop protector for hot saucepans. Designed by¬†Taiwanese designer Chih-Ching Yang. Without a saucepan on top it’s spooky appearance reminds you of Casper The Friendly Ghost, but when you place a hot pan on top it expands to act as a worktop protector. Simple, but clever!

As a design project it’s a novel idea for a practical kitchen utensil. Silicone is an ideal material of course, it’s ultra-flexible, easy to clean and can withstand temperatures up to 230c. You’ll see silicone used in a wide variety of kitchen products including pastry mats and oven gloves.

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