Frogjaw: Versatile kitchen gadget

frogjaw product specMany thanks to Rory O’Loughlin for sending us a free frogjaw kitchen accessory to try out.

Frogjaw (pictured) is a quirky kitchen utensil gadget that can be used to rest your utensils on. You simply squeeze the frog legs to grip frogjaw onto your wooden spoon, spatula or whatever and then frogjaw stands up on its legs supporting your utensil.

frogjawThe aim is to keep your worktops clean …say you been spreading icing with a spatula and need to put it down for a second; just squeeze a frogjaw onto the spindle of the spatula and it’ll keep the icing off the worktop.

The product has been selected along with 30 others to be showcased at the London Design Festival later this month.

Frogjaw is made from silicon (by the looks) and is both dishwasher and food safe. It’s also heat resistant to 250c.

I can see a need for having different sized frogjaws in order to fit a wider range of kitchen utensils …I’ll look out for those. Meanwhile,┬ákeep up-to-date with Rory’s progress over on this facebook page.

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