Eight Point Nine: Artisan coffee by post

eight point nine coffeeEight Point Nine (website) is a new company that opened in November, 2011 offering an artisan coffee subscription service where you receive regular deliveries of fresh coffee in the post. I’d seen someone mention 8.9 on twitter and thought I’d give their free trial offer a go.

I can’t claim to be a coffee expert by any means so rather than mixing my own blend I chose one of their suggested blends. I went with Old Black Joe, which has a blend profile is 54% Kenyan and 46% Guatemalan and is described as:

a fresh and mellow blend, ideal for drinking for breakfast and on rainy days. Said to be an excellent pairing for doughnuts and muffins. This bespoke blend exhibits gentle acidity, good balance and a merlot-like mouth feel.

We (me and my wife) did have it for breakfast, although it wasn’t raining last Saturday! And I did have a crumpet and half a bagel. The free box was for a generous 150g and it comes delivered in special packaging as pictured. Inside the outer eightpointnine branded box is your back of fresh coffee. The package is slim by the way, so there’s no problem of it not fitting through your letterbox.

old black joeYou’ll also get a leaflet that details your particular blend of coffee and tips on how to make and serve it. It’s suggested you measure out some of the coffee but, typically, we went with the that seems about right approach and took four dessert spoons of the blend for our cafetiere. That’s probably not the best approach for an optimum cup of coffee.

So how did it taste? Pretty damn good actually! We both took it with semi-skimmed milk, no sugar in white, ceramic coffee cups. The coffee wasn’t too light or too rich, despite me thinking maybe we made it a little too strong – in hindsight we should have been more accurate with the measuring. It’s suggested that you store the coffee somewhere cool and dark and consume within a week so we’ll finish it next weekend.

The eightpointnine website is easy to use (though it was briefly down for a minute or so this morning) and includes details on how to make your own blend and how to pay – standard charge is £5.89 for a delivered box. You can also order coffee beans and there’s gift vouchers too for friends and family. There’s a range of account options and you can select the frequency of your deliveries. One nice option is the ability to choose whether your coffee is delivered at the start or the end of the week.

8.9 have given me this code W4HTJTZ that you can use to receive your own free box of coffee here if you’d like to try it yourself.




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