Dumbbell Cutlery: Pump iron while you eat

dumbbell cutleryHow do you fancy pumping some iron while at the same time tucking into a bowl of hot noodles?

Well, while it’s most probably never occurred to you, with the ingenious* / ludicrous* (*delete as applicable) dumbbell cutlery (pictured) you can work off the calories as you eat them!

We don’t sell this range of Eat Fit cutlery but it’s available over there and in some novelty gift stores over here. The fork and knife weigh in at 1kg a piece and the spoon is a whopper at 2kg …so you’ve really got to work out your biceps as you tuck into some apple pie and cream. I guess desserts are considered to be naughty, so you’ve really got to earn them!

At around £90 for the complete set, that seems to me like an overly expensive, silly gift that really isn’t going to be used much at all. If you really want to help someone eat more healthily, encourage them to cook and bake at home using fresh ingredients, avoiding those nasty preservatives and lots of salt like you’ll find in many ready meals. And for a better-value gift we reckon you’ll be able to find some great ideas in our store.

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