Divisible: Easy-wash whisk

easy wash whisk

It seems the kitchen whisk is capturing the attention of product designers!

Following on from the foldable whisk that we mentioned earlier this month, here’s another take on how to improve upon the traditional design of the balloon whisk. Product designer Kwon Hansol has come up with the Divisible whisk (pictured above), which has a handle that¬†splits into two, unfurling the stainless steel wires so they can be easily washed. The handle halves are locked together by magnets and the wires are bent over forming the balloon-shaped whisk.

whisk easy-cleanHansol also suggests that the unfurled whisk is easier to store in a cutlery drawer and that other utensils are less likely to become entwined in the wires.  Though it should be pointed out that when unfurled the Divisible whisk looks quite long and as such might not fit into every kitchen utensils drawer.

Hansol suggests that a balloon whisk is difficult to clean and the wires can retain thick cake mixtures and batters and that many home cooks just rinse their whisk under a running tap to clean it. I’m not sure that’s the case – I suspect many people do carefully carefully clean them, but she has a point in that they are a bit a of pain to wash.

Divisible is a design concept rather than a production utensil. We do sell traditional balloon whisks in our store.

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