Delicious Sophie Dahl

Sophie Dahl bookSo it would seem that Sophie Dahl and her new BBC cookery programme The Delicious Miss Dahl is taking off from where Nigella left.

Having watched the trailer for Miss Dahl’s new show, I get the vibes that she’s being marketed as the new Nigella Lawson. Easy on the eye, sensual, relaxed in front of the camera and talks to you in that informal, slightly seductive way – providing the food looks good I suspect this latest cookery programme will do well.

Being the grand daughter of the most famous author Roald Dahl, Miss Dahl is expected to sprinkle her show with little stories of her own life as she knocks up an Eton Mess or a batch of chocolate coated, maple syrup flapjacks (I’ve just invented that by the way!).

And not surprisingly, there’s a book to buy too. It’s called Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights and it’s on offer at amazon.

I’ll be watching the show next week and I’ll post my thoughts about it too. It’d be great to hear what you think of it, so do leave a comment.

The Delicious Miss Dahl starts on BBC Two on Tuesday 23 March at 8.30pm

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