Delicious Miss Dahl First Impressions

sophie dahl bookSo what did you think of the first episode of the Delicious Miss Dahl? I found it hard not to compare her style with that of Nigella to be honest. The programme seemed to choose a mix of mental well-being and cookery that Nigella brought to us a few years ago. With just a hint of sexiness added to the pot for good measure. Remind you of anyone?

I liked the old style, country kitchen – I wonder if that’s to give the impression Sophie Dahl is cooking in her kitchen that her (famous author) grandfather might well have sat in …at the kitchen table dreaming up his next story! The cooking? Well, that was okay …a salad, some haddock, a desert with that much sugar it should probably be banned, though not until I’ve tried it 🙂

I’ll be watching next week – how about you?

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