Darth Vader sculpture made from old spoons

darth vader sculpture

This bust (sculpture) of Darth Vader by French artist Alain Bellino and it’s made up of various items from a cutlery drawer including spoons, forks and old bread knives!

spoons eyesYou can imagine what the eyes are made from ..yep, a couple of dessert spoons with the handles cut off and welded together as pictured. I can’t identify every item that been used to make up Darth’s helmet but I can spot a couple more spoons, a few knife blades and on the top the helmet what could be the bent metal handle of a slotted spoon? I wonder why the face piece was first sprayed gold before a coating of black was applied?

The art reminds me of a Star Wars themed episode of The Simpsons entitled Mayored to the Mob where Homer says a classic line to Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) when a tussle breaks out in a restaurant: “Use the forks Luke” !

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