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Tu Kitchenware Offers

roasting tinSainsbury’s are currently running an offer on some of products in the Tu kitchenware range.

For instance you can save a £1 on this non-stick roasting tin. Not the most exciting of kitchen gadgets I know but roasting tins are essential and do get used an awful lot so it’s good to replace them every now and again.

Other offers include half price 5 piece kitchen gadget set and a half price, 5 piece utensil set.

Plus lots of other deals on cake tins, pans and cutlery.

Raymond Blanc Pan Set Offer

raymond blanc pansRaymond Blanc has put his esteemed name to a range of kitchenware including this aluminium four piece pan set made by Anolon.

If you’re interested in investing in a new set of pans you’ll be interested to note that Debenhams are currently discounting these pans; the price was £190, but until 17th April you can buy them for only £100 saving a whopping £90 (whilst stocks last).

With a lifetime guarantee, this pan set includes three very practical and efficient saucepans and a versatile skillet. This great value set of contemporary cookware will make a great addition to any busy kitchen.

Delicious Sophie Dahl

Sophie Dahl bookSo it would seem that Sophie Dahl and her new BBC cookery programme The Delicious Miss Dahl is taking off from where Nigella left.

Having watched the trailer for Miss Dahl’s new show, I get the vibes that she’s being marketed as the new Nigella Lawson. Easy on the eye, sensual, relaxed in front of the camera and talks to you in that informal, slightly seductive way – providing the food looks good I suspect this latest cookery programme will do well.

Being the grand daughter of the most famous author Roald Dahl, Miss Dahl is expected to sprinkle her show with little stories of her own life as she knocks up an Eton Mess or a batch of chocolate coated, maple syrup flapjacks (I’ve just invented that by the way!).

And not surprisingly, there’s a book to buy too. It’s called Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights and it’s on offer at amazon.

I’ll be watching the show next week and I’ll post my thoughts about it too. It’d be great to hear what you think of it, so do leave a comment.

The Delicious Miss Dahl starts on BBC Two on Tuesday 23 March at 8.30pm

Italian Cooking Most Popular

pasta dishAccording to a survey in the latest BBC’s Olive magazine Italian dishes are what we cook the most in our kitchens.

In a survey of over 2000 readers 72% said they regularly cook Italian dishes at home, way ahead of Indian, Chinese and French dishes.

Apparently Britons also now spend more time in their kitchens then the French. Over 50% of Britons said they spend over 30 minutes cooking in the kitchen each night. The French scored a lower 27%.

Here’s a little chart showing the popularity of Italian cooking:

whats cooking

Poppy Treffry Tea Cosy

treffry tea cosyPoppy Treffry is carving out her name for herself with her cutesy range of tea cosy products and homewares. I’ve seen her products mentioned in a few newspapers and Sunday supplements now …her products are very photogenic!

Bridging the gap between fashion and craft her homeware products are contemporary and individual and perfect if you are looking for something unique.

Treffry has produced a stylish, unique range of tea cosies that are both practical and good to look at. I notice that she’s also made cafetiere cosies too – not seen or heard of them before and I think that’s quite a good idea.

After a bit of digging I’ve managed to find her complete range at Not On The Highstreet

Neapolitan Pizza Must Be Like Mamma’s

pizzaThe world famous Neapolitan pizza has been awarded a coveted Traditional Speciality Guarantee (TSG) label.

This means that pizza restaurants around the world will have to conform to a strict list of ingredients if they want to call their pizza a Neapolitan.

The pizza shown isn’t a Neapolitan – it’s more like a Caprese which is made with fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

Legitimate Neapolitans (which originate in Naples) must have a raised crust and a base that is no more than an eighth of an inch thick. The dough base must be hand-stretched and cooked in a wood fired oven on a stone slab.

Many foods have been awarded a TSG label – mozzarella cheese is another good example. Bramley apple pie filling is a pending application. The label indicates that a food product conforms to traditional ingredients and cooking methods but does not have to be made in a specific part of the world. For foods that need to come from a specific location entirely are labelled Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) – Columbian coffee is an example.

No More Tinned Tomatoes

carton tomatoes

Did you know that Sainsbury’s has stopped stocking tinned tomatoes as part of it’s green policy? From now on the supermarket is to sell tomatoes in recyclable cartons (pictured) rather than tins. Sainsbury’s sells about 22 million tins of tomatoes in a year, making the product the biggest-selling, non-fresh item.

Using the new cartons will enable more efficient lorry packing and should reduce packaging waste by 500 tons a year.

Scrudle Kitchen Utensil Scoops Award

scrudleHere’s something that makes most people think …why didn’t I think of that?

The Scrudle is an award winning kitchen utensil that should prove to be a hit in every kitchen. The scrudle is kind of a mix between a ladel and a spatula and it helps you scoop up soups, casseroles etc out of a pan. It’s the brilliant idea of 65 year old Margaret O’Callaghan and it was voted the top utensil in a recent competition organised by Lakeland.

The Strudle simply allows you to scoop up the contents of a heavy pan such as a casserole dish because it has a flat’ish side.

Of course, all the best ideas in life are the simple ones !