Big Appetites: Little people on big food

big appetites hot dog

I stumbled upon a fabulous series of food images that I’m sure you’ll like.

Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker Christopher Boffoli has produced a series of entitled Big Appetites featuring character toys and food, beautifully shot with wry captions.

Boffoli says of the work: “If the sight of whimsical toy-like figures conjures pleasant memories from childhood, so too do the comforts of food. The sensual experience of eating accesses primal instincts that stretch back to the earliest days of our evolution. Whether we are reflecting on the comfort food of childhood, celebrating food’s tremendous diversity, or obsessing over calories and nutrition, cuisine is one of those rare topics that most people can speak about with authority and yet largely without controversy. So the choice of food as a backdrop of the environments of the Big Appetites series is certainly calculated. But even more simply, food can be beautiful, with colors and textures that perfectly suit macro photography.”

After much deliberation I chose the hot dog as my favourite; partly because I like the way the mustard is being raked over the sausage by the toy but mainly because the caption made me laugh more than the others. Actually, the captions remind of a Gary Larson Far Side desk calendar that a friend and colleague had a few years back.

Many thanks to Christopher Boffoli for allowing me to republish the image. Choose your favourite by visiting Big Appetites and feel free to comment on your favourite.

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