Apprentice finalist launching ‘Whisk’

BBC Apprentice finalist Nick Holzherr is launching the business idea that he proposed to Lord Sugar in the final of the recent business TV series.

Nick HolzherrHolzherr (pictured) is now accepting sign-ups for Whisk, his new online recipe and ingredients buying idea. Whisk will allow users to add multiple recipes to a single basket via the web or app. The site then finds the list of ingredients needed and creates a shopping list of items to buy from a selection of supermarkets.

Holzherr comments: “To start off with we will have an iPhone app and a web service. It is a website primarily, but what we have launched first is a preview app to flick through a couple of pages. We are looking to launch it fully in the summer.” The service will earn revenue from both advertising and affiliate commissions.

Holzherr adds: “Every time we check out a basket there are affiliate systems in place where supermarkets pay you to send traffic to them. For example the user will be sent to a supermarket website and the basket will automatically fill up so you don’t have to search for all the ingredients. The supermarket then pays us to do that. Brands can also pay to place products in your basket, so if cream cheese is needed Kraft can pay us to put Philadelphia in your basket rather than another brand. The user will always be told that is happening so it’s a bit like a Google ad for your basket.”

It seems that Holzherr has received some financial backing from ASAP Ventures; a company that has enjoyed success with other online services such as and


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