6302 Spoons sculpture

6302 spoons sculpture

This unusual “wall lamp” sculpture is entitled 6302 spoons and was created by Najla El Zein, an artist, interior architect and product designer based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The sculpture really is made from 6302 stainless steel spoons that are welded to a frame in such a way that light runs through them. From a distance the spoons create a reptile skin texture. Close up of course each individual spoon reflects light as seen in the photo:

spoons closeup

El Zein says of the piece: “The spoons become a material in itself. The rudimentary transforms into a rich and unique material, taking here the shape of an aquatic, reptile-like skin allowing different reflections of light and movement.The spoon becomes beautiful, gains value and is seen from a totally new perspective.”

We’ve previously seen spoons being used in a Darth Vader sculpture.

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