Baking with the new range from Waitrose

Waitrose homebaking ingredientsWaitrose have launched a new range of baking ingredients called Cooks’ Homebaking and they kindly sent us some to try out.

As our cake tin was empty (a dreadful state of affairs!) my wife Sarah found a few spare minutes to bake a quick batch of fairy cakes. As we always do, she followed Delia’s all-in-one sponge recipe, adjusting the quantities to suit. For half the mixture she added some coffee to make some coffee cupcakes …our girls aren’t keen so they have plain sponge.

The recipe takes no time at all and if you pre-heat your oven before you get your mixing bowl out, you’ll be ready to stick the baking tray (like this one) in as soon as you’ve mixed. Give it about 20mins and they should be baked and just need to cool.

For our girls we used the icing decorations – cute little animals in a variety of bright colours. As you might expect, Waitrose haven’t added any additives to these icing decorations that are also suitable for vegetarians. There’s eight of the little chaps in a packet. For our coffee cakes we plonked a single coffee-flavoured chocolate bean on top of the butter cream icing. Again, the chocolate beans don’t contain any nasties, in fact they are 96% chocolate.

Here’s a gallery below of the fab, quick and easy cakes. And many thanks to Waitrose for sending us the baking products. You can see their complete Homebaking range right here. As we’ve now got a bottle of peppermint extract we might have a bash at making some peppermint creams next!